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Spackle info

Spackle is designed to be a flexible client/server architecture for the gathering and displaying of statistics, primarily suited to monitoring servers. It's written in PHP and bash shell script, uses RRDtool for stats logging, and PostgreSQL (or MySQL as of v0.3) for the server-side database.

Spackle development is on hiatus.

Spackle v0.3 was released on December 30th, 2004, and adds a MySQL layer, miscellaneous features and bugfixes, and incorporates several submitted suggestions, for which I am most grateful. Send more feedback! :)

Spackle v0.2 was released March 26th, 2002, and contained several important bugfixes, and several portability improvements.

Spackle v0.1 was released on Jan. 12th, 2002. It's the initial public release, so it should not be expected to be a polished product at this point. I'm hoping to get feedback from users about ways to streamline the install process, as well as improvements to Spackle itself.

For more info about Spackle, see the v0.3 README file, or go ahead and download it and start playing with it!

Questions? Comments? Please send e-mail:

Please consider subscribing to the Freshmeat SpackleStats project for new releases, announcements, etc.

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